Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This week in our adoption . . .

As we wait for our court date to come around - really only 2 weeks from tomorrow! - we are continuing to plan and prepare as much as we can. In addition to the normal household activities, putting all the Christmas stuff away, etc., we have been rearranging furniture, cleaning and organizing to get everything ready for when the Lord allows us to bring our little guy home. On Monday Joe received the 3 shots that I got last week. We've also got some kind of virus going through our family right now, so he's not sure if he's feeling "off" from the immunizations or if he's coming down with something.

This is a care package we got ready and mailed to a family in Pittsburgh who will be leaving next week to go pick up their daughter in Ethiopia. They will deliver this package to our little guy and also be able to take some new pictures for us! (his name is crossed out in the center since we haven't passed court yet, so we can't post it on here.)

Regarding our court date on January 21. This court hearing will take place in Ethiopia and, some have asked, no, we do not have to be there for this. Because Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead of us, our court hearing will actually take place while we sleep from Wednesday night, 1/20, to Thursday morning, 1/21. If we don't pass court, a new court date will be set. If we do, then plans will be made to travel to Ethiopia about 4-5 weeks later.

This is our stash that we have begun to compile of things we will need for our trip to ET as well as donations for the orphanages and transition homes there.

At some point over the last several years, I have made each of our children a fleece throw blanket of their own. We wanted to do the same for our little guy, so Joe and I picked out this fleece and I was able to get the blanket put together this week. Not a complicated project, but something we wanted to get done to welcome our little guy home.

We were also able to put together the final pieces of "the PUZZLE".
And here's the completed puzzle . . .

And on the back, a wonderful reminder of all those who chose to step out in faith and join us in this ministry of adoption! What an amazing work God has done and is continuing to do!!

In the frame . . .

We are so thankful that God has continued to lead us and allow us to follow Him through this adoption process. It has been so amazing to see Him at work! We are not done, and we know He is not either! Our hearts are filled full with HIS fulness as we reflect over this past year, and all of the support we have seen as our Christian family comes alongside of us in prayer and even giving financially toward our adoption expenses!
I was reading a book this past week, and there was a paragraph that I have read over and over, and particularly this first line, that just hits me everytime I read it. It's from a book called The Strength of Mercy by Jan Beazely.

"[God] writes words on our hearts that long to be spoken and strain to be lived out. Then with His own great hand, He begins to write the script. Experience by experience through seemingly ordinary days, He supernaturally orders our lives. Only when we look back and reflect on what appeared to have been the ordinary events of life does it become clear what a miracle the Lord has performed."
I don't think I could have put into words any better the process by which God brought us to adopt, and how He has lead us through it. Particularly as I look back on this past year, I am amazed at how God "writes words on our hearts that long to be spoken and strain to be lived out." (I couldn't describe it any better!) But He doesn't leave that longing and strain in our hearts . . . He works it out for us, and we GET to see it, we GET to be a part, and we GET to grow closer to Him through it all!! Thank you, Lord!!!


Matt said...

LOVED reading your post!! Makes me miss you, my dear friend even more! I am so very excited for you and Joe. . .thanks for keeping us posted. The kids and I will pray for you all and the details to come tonight before bed.
Love you!

Jen said...

What an Awesome God! Your post really moved me tonight. I'm so excited for your family!!!

Wild Blue Album Design said...

Hi, Sarah! This is Michelle Gwilt. I just heard about your adoption plans - so exciting! We adopted a little girl from the states through a private adoption a few years ago. She has brought such joy into our family. We will be praying for your family, and can't wait to see pictures of your new little guy! I can assure you, as I'm sure others have, that you will love this little one easily as much as you love the ones born to you.