Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Pictures

The family who took our second care package to Isaiah last week was able to email us some new pictures last night. She said that she wasn't able to email us all of them,and unfortunately, blogger won't let me upload the ones she was able to send. I sent her our mailing address, so hopefully we will be receiving a disk with all of the pictures in a few days. She was also so kind to get us Isaiah's footprint so we can be sure we pack the right sized shoes for him!

We also got an update for Isaiah from the nannies at our agency's transition home where he has been living. They sent us three new pictures (wearing the second outfit we sent him), as well as updates on his size and answers to a few more specific questions regarding his development. And so encouraging to see his smile - hopefully it won't be long before we get to see it in person!

We don't know our travel dates yet, but hopefully soon. We'll see. We're using this time to finish up our list of things we need to do, purchase, and gather before we leave. I'm also working on some very basic Amharic words and phrases to help us communicate with Isaiah and allow us to understand his basic needs. Hopefully this will make the whole transition a bit less scary for him!


Josh, Candace & Cole said...

Wow, he is just gorgeous. Praying for you guys and hoping that you'll be able to go over there very soon!

Joe Fleener said...

This is all so wonderful. I cannot imagine the feelings and thoughts you must be having. To see photos of your son, but to not hold him!

I have found your journey so convicting and challenging. I rejoice with you and pray with you that the Lord would make your way smooth and you will be with your son so very soon.

It will be so cool to bring him to his new home and his siblings!

The Stephensons said...

He is such a handsome boy!


Andrew and Esther Brunk said...

He is so handsome! What a wonderful future is in store. Praying for him and you daily!