Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Wedding Day!

Well, ever since my sister, Sharon, asked Madie to be a flower girl in her wedding, Madie has been asking "Mommy, is it the wedding day today?" She is SOOO excited to get all dressed up to be in Aunt Sharon and Uncle Derek's wedding! I won't spoil anything with pictures of her dress, but here is a few of her hair trial run the other night. Sharon and Derek are getting married next Saturday (the 28th) and we are going out there for a visit next week. So, hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post when I get back. Until then, I think I'm all caught up!

Johnson County Fair

We took the kids down this week to the county fair. It was unbearably hot and humid - the kind of day where you pour sweat just standing still, and Joshua was pretty grumpy the whole time - he didn't like the loud noises. We tried putting his ear plugs in, but that didn't seem to help. Joey, Gracie and Madie had a good time, though, riding the rides. Gracie likes the fast rides (just like her mommy), so I took her on a couple of those, but it's a little hard to get pictures of that - especially while daddy's trying to hold a cranky baby! But, here are a few pictures anyway.

All Alone!!

Daddy left us alone for a WHOLE WEEK while he took the teens to summer camp down at The Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, Georgia. The teens had a great time, and I think we survived okay without him - but we sure are glad he's home!

4th of July @ Papaw & Grandma's House

We went up to Swayzee to visit with Joe's parents for the 4th of July. The kids absolutely love playing with Grandma and Papaw's new baby goats!

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Gracie's usually our little animal lover, but Madie has really warmed up to the "kids" and enjoyed giving them a little snack.

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