Saturday, July 21, 2007

Johnson County Fair

We took the kids down this week to the county fair. It was unbearably hot and humid - the kind of day where you pour sweat just standing still, and Joshua was pretty grumpy the whole time - he didn't like the loud noises. We tried putting his ear plugs in, but that didn't seem to help. Joey, Gracie and Madie had a good time, though, riding the rides. Gracie likes the fast rides (just like her mommy), so I took her on a couple of those, but it's a little hard to get pictures of that - especially while daddy's trying to hold a cranky baby! But, here are a few pictures anyway.


Jen said...

How is it that I always miss the Johnson County Fair? It's not like I don't live RIGHT in Franklin. Hmmmm.....Maybe next year. (That's what I say every year)