Sunday, June 22, 2008

Water, a stick, and a dog . . . a little boy's bliss!

Just havin' fun!

Joshua took Strider for a walk at the church picnic . . . well, maybe it was the other way around?? Either way, they were so cute together ;o)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Okay, so I've gotten carried away on facebook so I haven't been keeping my blog updated for those of you who still check it. I'm going to attempt to "catch up" on the last two months w/ a few pictures. Hold on, here we go!

I got my hair chopped off - 10 inches and, yes, I'm donating it to "Locks of Love"

Joshua discovered he's like Daddy in one more way. . .

Papaw & Grandma McDaniel got chicks just before Easter.

Madie turned 4 on April 16 - celebrating with pink cupcakes, of course!

Joshua continues to try to climb anything and everything to get whatever he wants - and he's very pleased with himself, too!

Madie got her hair chopped off, too - another 10 inches to donate to "Locks of Love"

Our trip to the zoo

shark petting

touching the Chocolate Chip Starfish

In the butterfly gardens, Gracie sat so still and so patiently just waiting for a butterfly to land on her, and one finally did!

Camping in Papaw & Grandma McDaniel's back yard - in less than 50 degree weather!

in our HUGE tent!