Saturday, September 29, 2007

Look Who's One!


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Balloons AND Cake!!

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So, for any of you who may have thought I was exaggerating when I told you that Gracie likes her baseball cap so much that she wears it to bed, here is my evidence! Unless I tell her not to, or she loses it momentarily, she ALWAYS wears her beloved hat - yes, even to sleep in!

Joshua's first "steps"

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Okay, so I know these aren't technically his first steps since he had some assistance, but this was the first time he showed any interest in walking. Usually if you try to stand him up or "walk" him holding his hands, he just pulls his legs up b/c he wants to crawl. But, as you can see, he was pretty thrilled with it all! This is a late post - it was a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today, for the first time, I had the opportunity to explain to Joey what happened on this day 6 years ago. He was only 18 months old and I was pregnant with Gracie when it happened. As I'm sure is the case for every American, I can remember vividly the events of that day as if it were yesterday. I explained to him about the bad people called terrorists, their warped view of who God is, and the many people who died that day. We talked about the children who never knew their fathers because they died that day. We talked about the many firefighters and rescue workers who gave their lives for others that day. I know he doesn't fully grasp the events of that day, and as we watched the memorial service at ground zero and listened to name after name being read I'm sure he couldn't understand why his mom was crying. But on this day, I wanted to stop and remember, and to share the significance of it all with my son, and to talk about our great God who is in complete control of all.

O-R-E-O . . .

Okay, so this may seem like a stupid thing to post, but to my parents and siblings, a baby's first Oreo is a pretty significant milestone - not quite as big as the first step or the first word, but still, noteworthy! So yesterday Joshua had his first Oreo (orange creme center for Halloween). He's already proven he has a sweet tooth with his "chocolate dance" and the little laugh he gives after daddy gives him a bite of a Hershey bar, and this was no different - big grins, his little laugh and, of course, his "chocolate dance"!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The question . . . answered!