Saturday, February 17, 2007

"oh . . . nevermind."

Okay, so we said we weren't going to get another dog until Joshua was at least 4 years old, and we said we would get an older dog - not another puppy. Nevermind. Joe and I actually saw this puppy at two different times and then he mentioned him to me. We both went back two different times to look again - without each other knowing. Well, when Joe went back the second time, he was getting ready to walk away when they reduced his price by $70. Who can walk away from a deal like that? So, Monday afternoon Joe came home with Sampson (we call him Sam). His tag said he's a "lab-golden-shepherd" - basically a lab/shepherd mix. He's about 8 weeks old and we are working on training him to be an indoor dog. We tried the outdoor dog thing a few years ago, and that was a complete flop. So, to those of you who haven't already laughed at me and are wondering, yes, I am crazy. But isn't he cute?? Of course that wasn't the exact thought that was going through my mind as I was cleaning up after him and then chasing him this evening! Anyway, here he is! Joey and Gracie absolutely love him, and Madie is getting used to him. Joshua is clueless that anything is out of the ordinary.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gracie's Birthday

On February 8, our Grace Elizabeth turned 5 years old. Everyone tells you that "they grow up so fast", and it is so true! We used "magic relighting candles' on her cake - that is why she looks confused in her second cake picture :o) Her present from Daddy and Mommy was her very own pet hamster, which she named Hermie. You see, for any of you who haven't met her, Gracie absolutely LOVES animals. So, since Joey is allergic to cats, and since we had decided we were not going to get another dog until Joshua is older (at least 4 years old, we told the kids, but stay tuned to the next post!!!), we thought a hamster would be a great pet for her to have. And she loves him, although she is frustrated that he seems to spend most of his day buried in the bedding.

And this is Gracie's big party with her friends. We continued my parent's traditions of having parties with the immediate family every year, and then a big party at age 5. Gracie chose a "doggie" theme.

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Funny, Funny Kids!

You know sometimes when you're kids say something that totally catches you off guard and makes you just laugh out loud? Well, these are a couple of those "kid funnies" from the last couple of weeks. Hope they bring a smile to your day!


If you're anything like our family, you've been battling colds for the past couple of months. Well, our "girlie" Madie is very disgusted by all of the things that have been coming out of her nose lately. Sorry to be so graphic :o) Well, last week I was cleaning out her nose and she gave her usual response of "EEEEEWWWW!!!!! That's disgusting!!!" in her little 2-year-old, totally repulsed voice. I (the one who was actually have to "handle" the stuff) responded with "You're telling me!" to which she replied "No, I'm telling the boogies!!!"

Big Brother's Watching You!!

A week or so ago the kids were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for their meal. While I was preparing it, I had to tell Gracie to stop saying something. A few seconds later, Joey pipes up with "Mommy, Gracie's doing what you told her not to do only quietly so you won't know she's doing it!" In our house, the rule is you are not allowed to "tattle" unless the person is going to injure themselves or someone else, then we teach them steps to take to resolve the issue before running to mommy and daddy. So Joey was instructed. However, I couldn't let Gracie's actions go without correction, so, with my back still turned to the kids while I continued to prepare the food, I said, "Now Gracie, remember, even if mommy and daddy don't see what you do, who always sees everything you do?" And immediately came her sheepish reply, "Joey!"