Friday, February 16, 2007

Gracie's Birthday

On February 8, our Grace Elizabeth turned 5 years old. Everyone tells you that "they grow up so fast", and it is so true! We used "magic relighting candles' on her cake - that is why she looks confused in her second cake picture :o) Her present from Daddy and Mommy was her very own pet hamster, which she named Hermie. You see, for any of you who haven't met her, Gracie absolutely LOVES animals. So, since Joey is allergic to cats, and since we had decided we were not going to get another dog until Joshua is older (at least 4 years old, we told the kids, but stay tuned to the next post!!!), we thought a hamster would be a great pet for her to have. And she loves him, although she is frustrated that he seems to spend most of his day buried in the bedding.

And this is Gracie's big party with her friends. We continued my parent's traditions of having parties with the immediate family every year, and then a big party at age 5. Gracie chose a "doggie" theme.

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Matt & Nicki said...

So, you managed to stay in the clear, but Joe got hit?!! Looks like a fun day--very cute pictures. . .I want to know what is on top of Gracie's cake. .. please tell me those are NOT swiss cake rolls,with the outer chocolate torn off and cut in slices!?:)

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

Well, I don't think I can tell you that :o) Swiss Cake Rolls are her favorite dessert, so I decorated her cake with them. But this was her first year of not actually eating any of her birthday cake - too excited about the presents! And, no, I did not stay in the clear - I got a good whipping on the knuckles - I was the one trying to stay between the stick and the other children - I was terrified!!! :o)

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Nice post - great "film" presentation! I'm a little curious about the church pew(s) in your living room - were they brought in for the party or are they standard furniture? Maybe that's what I need for extra seating in my living room! Very cute house of what I could see of it. I love getting a glimpse of where people live.

Alicia said...

You guys are very brave to do a pinata indoors! No wonder you both came away with injuries. Did you make that cute doggie pinata? Wow, looks like you did a ton of work for that big party! I bet Grace felt like a princess!