Monday, February 5, 2007

Big Brother's Watching You!!

A week or so ago the kids were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for their meal. While I was preparing it, I had to tell Gracie to stop saying something. A few seconds later, Joey pipes up with "Mommy, Gracie's doing what you told her not to do only quietly so you won't know she's doing it!" In our house, the rule is you are not allowed to "tattle" unless the person is going to injure themselves or someone else, then we teach them steps to take to resolve the issue before running to mommy and daddy. So Joey was instructed. However, I couldn't let Gracie's actions go without correction, so, with my back still turned to the kids while I continued to prepare the food, I said, "Now Gracie, remember, even if mommy and daddy don't see what you do, who always sees everything you do?" And immediately came her sheepish reply, "Joey!"


Alicia said...

Tee-hee! That one made me giggle out loud. Seems comical but also very true. And Joey isn't even her little brother . . . I thought littler siblings were supposed to be the ones watching everything and tattling.

Beautiful picture effects by the way!

Matt & Nicki said...

Okay, so BOTH of your girls have some of their mommy in them--I sense a bit of your sarcasm and "smart-alec" response in that comment:) What great kids you have. . .these little stories are making me miss you even more than usual. We need to connect soon!