Friday, January 26, 2007

Snow??? . . . SNOW!!!!!!!

Well, probably about two weeks ago now, we finally got our first snow. It wasn't even enough to cover the ground, but the kids tried to make snow angels anyway! They turned out more like grass angels :o)
Then, after they had pretty much swept up all of the snow off of the front lawn, they decided to have a "race".

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Their snow suits had more grass than snow on them after we went in from playing in the "snow"!
THEN, last weekend, we got some REAL snow!

And in case you're wondering, yes, that is our fearless Joey hiding behind is younger sister as he and daddy were having a snowball fight!

And we can't forget about our little Joshua!
The top left picture is actually of what Joshua was doing while the kids were out playing in the snow. The bottom right is a week or so ago when Joe was able to use the projector to project a movie onto our wall for the kids to watch one night. It was huge to them, and you can see Joshua's amazement!


Alicia said...

Glad your kids got some real snow to play in this last week! Those grassy pictures are so cute and sad. :( Grass angels just aren't much fun.

Matt & Nicki said...

Great pictures Sarah. .. I had to laugh as the competitive girl inside me thought...."Joey had a head start-poor Gracie:)" She didn't seem to mind though! Nice grass angels by the way!

FranknSteph said...

Luke's first reaction before Joey even said it was "Ha - Joey won" and then "Joey won again!" It's that boy thing I guess!

FranknSteph said...

Audrey's watched it so many times now she says "go" with you!

carissa said...

Those pictures are GREAT...I esp. love the "yay! yay! yay!" What a sweet girl. How do you put 4 pics together in the square??You're so much smarter than me :) Have a great Tuesday!