Thursday, January 4, 2007

Joshua's first hair cut



Now, don't worry, he's still got quite a bit of hair! We just trimmed around his ears and the back.


FranknSteph said...

We're glad to see he still has both ears! Did he sit still at all?

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

Well . . . technically you can't see his right ear! No, seriously, it was fine. The picture I took was Joe doing it and he just trimmed around the ears. I finished it up and did the back another day. He was pretty active, especially wondering what we were doing to him, so his hair cut is a little "jagged" in spots!

Alicia said...

Wow, you all are brave to do haircutting yourselves on a wiggly baby! Being the victim of a recent haircut I have to say I kind of like Joshua with the pre-haircut spikey longer hair. But I suppose you don't want it getting in his eyes or ears, right? I've not cut Chloe's hair once but I'm guessing you have to cut boys' hair more than girls'?

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

Yup! We waited until Gracie was over 3 yrs. old, and Madie hasn't had hers cut yet either. We didn't cut Joey's hair until he was 9 months, but Joshua's hair was a little longer around the ears and more "sticky-uppy". We actually didn't cut the top - it was just laying down a little better for the "after" picture :o)

Matt & Nicki said...

What a cute kid!