Friday, January 26, 2007

Roller Coaster Buddy

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So far, Joe, Joey and Madie hate anything like a roller coaster - Madie's never been on an actual roller coaster, but, from the time she was very young, she used to tense up in my arms and stop breathing every time I went down stairs and then would often cry once we got downstairs and she had started breathing again. Also, when she was still crawling, she used to turn around and back up (like she was getting off a couch or something) putting her legs first to go down a literally 1-2 inch change in floor level at Joe's parents' house. Now, on the other hand, Gracie and I LOVE roller coasters or any other fast rides. One of my favorite memories of her is at the fair this past summer when she went on that swing ride (you know the one that just flies the swings around in a circle) for the first time, and went all by herself (I was 8 months pregnant or I would have gone with her) because she really wanted to, but no one else would go with her. Joe tried to talk her out of it, but she really wanted to go. We all just stood there and laughed - almost to tears - watching her giggle in pure delight as she whipped around over our heads! Anyway, a very long explaination to say that Gracie and I are very excited to see that we may have a new "roller coaster buddy" in Joshua as he seems to love "flying" around!


Alicia said...

I love it! His face is saying, "C'mon, dad. Is that all you got? Let's do some real flying here!" Hopefully he'll be on the swings with you and Gracie one day. :)

Matt & Nicki said...

Very Sweet!

FranknSteph said...

We all think it's so cute! And Amber agrees with Nicole on the race video she said "Joey's kind of like cheating."