Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Christmas Eve

This is everyone all ready for our Sunday morning service. We finally found a dress that Gracie liked, but Madie would wear her Christmas dress 24/7 if we let her - she particularly likes that it's "sparkly". We started our service with a refreshment time and then sang some Christmas carols. Joey was very enthusiastic about getting to sing the Christmas carols, almost shouting out the name of each one he knew! And Madie, who really did not want to go to her class, sat as quiet as a mouse during the entire time daddy was preaching!

And these are our traditional Christmas Eve pictures in front of the fireplace - everyone in their Christmas pajamas. I plan to continue this tradition as long as they still think wearing Christmas p.j.'s is fun! Maybe they'll still let me get a picture, though??


FranknSteph said...

I just wanted to thank you for your response to our request for more pictures - boy, did you deliver!