Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's Happening Today!

Okay, so I do plan to get back to posting pictures from our week in Ethiopia, but I wanted to post some current pictures. My parents were here from Monday night through Wednesday night and we had a really nice visit. Isaiah warmed up to them pretty quickly. He wouldn't leave my dad alone ;o) But, as we already know, he seems to prefer men at this point. From what we know, he has never had a consistent male figure in his life, and the women always leave him, so from that standpoint, it makes sense.

Isaiah seems to be adjusting well to our family. His meltdowns have decreased in number and duration. He seems to understand us well, even though he's not able to communicate in English a whole lot yet. But it's coming! He is also being more vocal about asking for things like letting us know when he wants to eat, and when he is done - but, man, can that little guy eat!! :o) He's not a big fan of desserts in general, doesn't seem to like chocolate, but he loves jelly beans! We continue to pray for wisdom and discernment with all of our children, but particularly as we seek to parent this little guy!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our visit!

He loves all vehicles, so the trains and cars were a big hit!


Joe Fleener said...

Love the photos! Isaiah has more hair than Granddad, doesn't take much, I guess! :-).

Alicia said...

He looks like such a happy kiddo!

Christy said...

Love the update and pics from when your parents visited! :-) Can't wait to get our families together!