Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking Back . . . Tuesday . . . and this past weekend

First, looking back. Tuesday in Ethiopia was the day we were assured we'd have our luggage - they even gave us flight numbers. We went shopping with our group Tuesday morning, which was quite an adventure. Many little shops in a row - most no bigger than a walk-in closet, stacked with stuff and very pushy sales people! We had a great time and got some pretty neat souvenirs . . . and only got "taken" a few times ;o) But it's all good - they need the money more than we do, right? ;o)

After shopping, we headed back to the guest house where the group was dropped off for lunch. We, however, skipped lunch to take a ride to the airport, where we got to spend over an hour to find out that our luggage was still in Dubai . . . to laugh or cry?? It was definitely a toss-up at this point! I will say though, for those of you who don't know Joe, it takes A LOT to get him angry. In fact, I don't know that I can remember ever seeing him truly angry . . . let's just say, he was a man with a red face and very few words on the ride back from the airport that day! I know this was such a big stress point for both of us during this week, and I am so thankful for him being my "rock" by dealing with all of this baggage and airline mess. I truly would have had a mental breakdown if I had to do it!

Then we headed to the transition home to get Isaiah. While it was exciting, it was emotional for me, as well, thinking of what little we had to help care for Isaiah. We were able to visit the second transition home, where Isaiah actually lived, for a short time. Isaiah loved the van ride and, as you'll see in the pictures, he loved the little flashlights . . . Praise the Lord, one of the few things for Isaiah that I actually did pack in my carry-on. We stopped at a grocery store on the way back to pick up some supplies that we needed until our luggage got there.

Isaiah almost instantly warmed up to us once we were in the hotel room that night. Here is the video of the first time we heard him giggle . . . I was in tears on the other side of the camera!

Isaiah in his bed at the transition home (not sure why this pic didn't rotate??)
Talking with one of Isaiah's nannies at the transition home, with our translator, Fami.
In front of transition home #2

Reaching out to one of his friends at the transition home (the Ballard's precious daughter!)

Playing with the flashlights

playing at the guest house with some little animals we picked up shopping that morning
He LOVED the big, soft bed!

More of the amazing scaffolding they build and work on . . . no safety harnesses here!
view from the top of the guest house . . . forgive me if this is a repost ;o)
And now, back to today!

Isaiah had a chance to meet his McDaniel grandparents at the airport when we arrived home, but that was just a short meeting. They were able to come down this past Friday and spend a few hours getting to know him, and him them. We played in the backyard with the bubbles and toys they brought, grilled dinner, and then went to Ritter's for Isaiah's first taste of ice cream . . . well, technically custard! He liked it better than I thought he would since he's not big on sweets, but he was still much more interested in trying to run into the parking lot ;o)

Then we took him to meet our church family for the first time on Sunday. Joe took the older three to Sunday School, and Josh, Isaiah and I joined them for church. Isaiah was shy and silent, but he did well and sat quietly and pretty still the entire time Daddy was preaching. One of my first thoughts as we began to see God clearly leading us to adopt, was how wonderful it would be, not only to bring a child into our physical family, but also into our amazing church family! I am so excited for them to get to know him, and for him to be a part of God's body at Grace Bible Church!!

Many of you have asked how Isaiah is adjusting. As far as we know, things seem to be going well. But only God knows what is coming down the pike, and we are so thankful that He is also the one who will give us the wisdom, strength, and grace to handle whatever that is! The kids are great with him, which is a huge help to us. Josh is the only one who seems to be going through some "transitions", but he'll be okay ;o) Although the pictures below may look staged, they're really not. The only thing I told them to do was stop walking so I could get a picture!


Christy said...

Love all the new pics and video!!!! We, also, were thrilled to have all your family there at church on Sunday. We are so excited to have this new addition to our church family at Grace! We love you all!!!!!

kelbel said...

The pictures are amazing! What a sweet boy. We are so happy for you!