Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We started our day today with some shopping, which was fun and a little eye-opening.  (sorry if this is brief, but we're a little tired!) Then we went to the airport while the other families ate lunch to go pick up our luggage, which we were assured would be on the plane from Dubai to Addis Ababa this morning.  We waited for the plane to land, we waited for them to unload the luggage . . . we waited, and waited . . . no luggage.  So, we're told (again) that it will be on tomorrow's plane . . . we'll see. 
Then we rushed back from the airport so everyone could get to the transition home on time.  Today was the day to deliver care packages . . . two of which are in our suitcases . . . and bring donations for the transition home . . . which are also in our suitcases.  So I was able to take pictures of all of the kids, do footprints & handprints of some, and deliver one care package.  Then we changed Isaiah Tamrat into his own clothes (fortunately I had packed an outfit for him in my carry-on bag), visited the transition home where he lived, and then we all headed back to the guest house with our children.  We stopped at a grocery store on the way home to pick up some diapers since all the ones I packed are, well, you know, in my luggage.  I've been told the Ethiopian diapers are pretty poor quality, but they'll have to do until our luggage comes . . . Lord willing!
So, a day of emotional highs and lows, but hearing our son repeat his brothers' and sisters' names is priceless.  He wasn't so excited to see us today, but once we got in the van and within 5 minutes of being in our room, well, hearing him giggle was priceless!  I tried to post a video, but I couldn't get it to upload, so you'll have to trust me on this one!


Christy said...

I really appreciate you sharing all these "from-the-heart" moments! Hearing that Isaiah can say his brothers and sisters' names! How sweet! I'm so glad you get this special time with him and that you got some giggles. We're still praying about that will probably never want to wear the clothes you have on right now again! Praying for a smooth transition with Isaiah the rest of the way! Love you all!

JordanandSue said...

Aww- praying the luggage situation gets settled quickly.. LOVE the pictures of your first meeting! Thanks for the updates!