Thursday, June 21, 2007


Okay, so my last post for tonight! Yes, I didn't update my blog for over a month, and now over a dozen posts in one shot! So, if you are one of the few still checking my blog, you'll have plenty to look at, and when you reach the end of the page, KEEP GOING!! - you'll have to click on the "older posts" link to actually see all of the new posts. I think this may actually be motivation for me to keep this updated a little more faithfully - or maybe just give up on it completely - only time will tell! Thanks for visiting our blog - it is always great to hear from friends, old and new!


FranknSteph said...

I guess this will have to substitute for the phone call we can't seem to get together this week! Amber leaves for Primary Camp today so we are packing and preparing her to go. You are ahead of me on the blogging thing. I have pics from the shower, field day, camp & the shore that I haven't even touched yet, let alone get them organized and on our blog!

Here's hoping we can talk next week! Love you!

PS In your settings you can change how many posts are visible on each page. Then you would be able to have everyone view the new ones without going to older posts.