Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grace Bible Church ~ Our New Building

We have been meeting in a school for a little over 3 years now. This past fall, we signed the final papers to purchase our own building. This picture is of the outside of the entire building. I will try to explain briefly ;o) - it is basically a shell that we are building out the inside. The building is made up of 8 "suites". We bought the entire building, but will only be currently building out 1/2 of it. We are so very thankful for how God has provided this building for us. You can check out our church's web site at

So, this is what is currently in the other half of the building :o) - 1/2 basketball court, volleyball court and 2 rope swings - think we'll need extra insurance?? :o) It made for a great play day with Daddy!


Alicia said...

That looks like so much fun! Even Joshua looks like he had a good time though he didn't get to ride any bikes. Are you guys going to keep that side as a gym or something?

Matt & Nicki said...

Fun! All these pictures make me want to come and visit you guys--I am anxious to have a chance to visit your church sometime too!
miss you!

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

Nicki - I'd LOVE for you guys to come visit us and our church anytime!!

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

Alicia - yes, they had a GREAT time! For right now the other half will remain as it is - w/ the possibility of renting it out for RV storage, or just using it for fellowships, etc. The current floor plan for the side we are building out is set up in such a way that, when we need to expand, we can "mirror" the floor plan to the remaining half - make perfect sense??:o)