Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Joshua's Ear

Well, my mom and I ended up spending the 5 hours after my sister's shower on an emergency room trip for Joshua's ear. I had taken him to his pediatrician a day or so before we left and he didn't have an infection, but his ears seemed to be bothering him ever since the air plane descended. My cousin, Courtney, who's a nurse, looked at his ears at the shower, so we were pretty sure one was infected. However, his pediatrician would not call in a prescription, so we got to go to the the ER instead - what a FUN way to spend a night! But at least my mom was with us to help and keep us company - it made the 5 hours pass a lot more quickly! No pictures of the ER ;O), but here is Joshua waking up after his late night and probably his first good night of sleep since we left Indiana.

And breakfast!

(Oh, and Joe had given him his first "buzz" cut - third hair cut - a few days before we left on our trip)


Matt & Nicki said...

It's neat to see your dad again--and weird that I have never seen their "new" house:)