Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Yes, yes, I’ve been terrible about keeping this blog updated. I’ve had, I think, two people mention that they checked and I hadn’t updated in so long, so, for those TWO people, I’m going to attempt to fill you in on the last six months!

Well, picking up from the last update, our house DID sell, and we DID close on our new home. We knew we had two weeks in between closings . . . basically 2 weeks of homelessness, when we planned to spend a week at Joe’s parents’ and a week with our wonderful friends, the Hulls. So, almost through our first week of homelessness we got a call and found out that the 2 weeks was actually going to be six. Hmmm . . . a big hassle at the time, but looking back, it was worth it for the house God provided. Seriously, I still can’t get over the blessing of the home God has given us – 3 yr. old home, 4000 square feet, for $128,000 . . . seriously!! Now before all of my east coast family and friends start hyperventilating, this is a GREAT price even for Indiana. Once again, I am amazed at God’s blessing to us! We have enjoyed SO much being able to have big groups in our home, and are so thankful for the space, now, to be able to expand our family through adoption, if that's God’s plan for us!

Since this is now turning into our “Christmas letter”, the kids seem to be doing well. Top question answered: Isaiah seems to be adjusted. We get that question still, and it kind-of surprises me, I guess, because it just seems like he's always belonged. He's one of us, he's a McDaniel. I can almost forget sometimes that there's even had to be “adjustment”. We are thankful for God’s continued grace to us and to him!

Joey is in 6th grade this year, Gracie in 4th, and Madie in 2nd. Madie started piano lessons this year. Josh started K5, and he really is a lot of fun to teach – he loves to read and gets so excited about the things he’s learning :o) Isaiah is watching and can’t wait until it’s his turn next year.

Joey and Gracie participated in a local church’s flag football league this fall, and they had so much fun. It was really fun to watch them, too :o)

Okay, well, I guess that pretty much brings us up-to-date . . . not nearly as hard as I thought it would be! As we close out 2011, I am amazed once again at what God has done – what He has taught, the blessings He’s given, the mercy He’s shown. I look forward to seeing what He’s got planned for 2012!


Christy said...

Great pictures! Especially the family one! ;-)

Kris said...

finally! =]