Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

I guess that's the story of my life lately. I know many who check my blog are family, family, or friends via Facebook, so this is old news. But just to get it officially blogged ;o) As the last post stated, we officially put our house on the market on March 9. We had several showings, and then, less than two weeks later, on March 21 a buyer accepted our counter-offer and a purchase agreement was signed for the sale of our house. Wow. I'm amazed at what God's done, and then, I'm amazed at my amazement . . . surely I should know by now that God is capable of unfathomably greater tasks than getting our house sold quickly??

Of course, nothing's final until those closing papers are signed, but closing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so it's looking good :o)

Now the more "fun" part of the story. I'll just admit it right now . . . YES, I did buy a house all by myself, while Joe was out of the country, a house which Joe had never seen prior to his leaving the country! Joe was scheduled to travel to Guyana in South America to visit our missionaries and help teach/train local pastors. We had a signed purchase agreement on our house on a Monday night, and he was scheduled to leave Thursday afternoon. So we called our real estate agent and scheduled to go house shopping on Wednesday a.m. We saw four houses, three of which weren't options - one was too far away, and two were stench issues. So, we crunched some numbers and our agent got an offer done for the fourth house, we signed it, and she submitted it just before Joe left for the airport . . . then 20 min. after he left for the airport I got a call from our agent . . . the house was bank-owned and had had an offer on the table for a week already and had just accepted it that a.m. Hmmmm . . . so the craziness began. I spent the week house shopping from scratch, planning, trying to communicate with Joe as much as possible, which was not very much - he could call a couple of times, but the connection was bad. Email worked when he could get online, but that didn't always work, and there was usually 12-24 hours between an email and a response. Praise the Lord for His guidance, His peace, wonderful friends and family who helped all they could (even if it was just to try to put out my "crazy" when I needed it), and an awesome real estate agent (and now friend) that I know God lead us to for that week - He knew I'd be house shopping without my husband (aka my sanity)! By the end of that week, the Lord allowed us to have our offer accepted on a great house that we believe will work very well for our current and future family. He is so good, even in the temporal little things!!

I'm also very thankful that we know the buyer so all of the work we put into getting it ready for sale will be for her benefit . . . again, the little things!

And so we're almost all packed up and ready to be out of this house. We have two weeks between the closing on this house and the scheduled closing on the new one . . . again, nothing's final until the closing papers are signed . . . so we will be "homeless" for a little while. And, again, we are so thankful for family and friends who are willing to put up with us during our time between houses.

So, we're excited, and we're ready to go!


Christy said...

Still can't believe all this...even though we knew it all as it was going on. So excited to see what your new house will allow you to do for God! Can't wait to see it in a few weeks! :-)