Monday, March 14, 2011

Change of Plans and . . . Waiting . . .

Haven't been doing much blogging lately, but it's not like people are waiting on the edge of their seats waiting for a post ;o) It's been a crazy busy season for us (and continues to be), but for those who are following and praying for us, I wanted to give a quick update.

So, in a nutshell, we still feel God is leading us to continue in adoption. We're not sure when and where that will be, but we know that, in order to adopt more children, we need to have more bedroom space. This is a state of Indiana requirement. So, if you've read previous posts, you know the options we entertained, and the way we thought God was leading - toward renovating our current home.

Well, after much more prayer, research, and the necessary numbers coming in, plans have changed. We spent the last two weeks in February and first one in March working what felt like 24/7 to get this house ready to go on the market. And, on March 9, it was officially put on the market, sign's in the front yard. (If you're interested, you can click HERE for a virtual tour of our house.) And now . . . we wait. We've had one showing so far, but no feedback or additional showings. We don't know for sure what God's going to do, but praying for strength and patience to "trust and obey" while we wait. If you're like me, even in light of the hardest work, just sitting still can be much harder! Fortunately, our God cares for us in the work and in the wait!


Debb said...

May it be a short wait from "For Sale" to "SOLD!" :)

Nikki said...

I was thinking of you on Sunday when we were talking about the disciples and how they were told to wait. I totally understand wanting something you feel the Lord is leading you to and yet not being able to do it immediately. I will pray that peace will come in the unknowing and waiting! God has blessed our family through yours!