Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More news about, well, really nothing . . .

Okay, so we just received an email from our agency, basically stating that they still don't have confirmation from the US Embassy in Ethiopia. They still don't anticipate that they will not confirm our appointment, but don't have official confirmation from them yet. They anticipate receiving this confirmation by Friday . . . one week before we are supposed to be getting on a plane to Ethiopia. They also don't have confirmation yet regarding whether we will or will not be able to meet Isaiah's birth mother . . . they expect confirmation on that by Friday as well.

If we don't receive confirmation within the next 24 hours, we will have to decide whether to go ahead and book our flights, with the realization that we could have to cancel or change our flights if we don't get confirmation from the embassy. If we decide not to take that risk, then we will be risking flight prices going up and, more importantly, that we won't be able to get the flights that we need. Oh, that life would be a little bit more easy ;o)

Oh well, we'll continue to pray and plan toward our trip, trusting His goodness and care for our family!


The Stephensons said...

I recommend you use a travel agent so that if you book and you have to change your flight, they will be available for you to work with. Some airlines charge a lot to change, others $50. We used Susan Parr, and she was good to work with.