Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just a little while ago now, my grandpop went home to be with the Lord. Many have been offering their prayers during this difficult time, which I sincerely appreciate. This time, however has not been the hard or sad part for me. My grandpop was diagnosed with Parkinson's just a little over 14 years ago. The hard and sad part has been seeing my energetic, passionate, bigger-than-life, fire 'n brimstone preachin' grandpop gradually lose the ability to preach, talk, walk, stand, and take care of any of his own physical needs. To see him truly trapped in his body was heartbreaking.

But today, today is a day of joy and celebration! Sure there are mixed emotions in knowing he is not with us on earth anymore . . . to know that I won't be able to give him a hug next time I see him. But he is done with all of this stuff - all of the pain and suffering of this world!

Anyone who knew my grandpop well knew that he was not a perfect man. And they also knew that he invested every part of his being into serving a great God who chose to use my grandpop in spite of his imperfections, and did so in a great way in the lives of many people throughout his years here on earth.

Anyone who knew my grandpop also knew that his favorite song was "It is Well", and he lead it like no other! I have not been able to sing this song for many years without getting choked up and will never sing or hear it without thinking of him. The line that always strikes me is "and Lord haste the day when my faith shall be sight". Oh, what a day that will be!! And so today there are tears in my eyes, but they truly are not tears of sadness - they are tears of joy! Today, my grandpop's faith - his life's passion - was made sight! Today he is getting to kneel at his Savior's feet and hear "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!" Wish I could hear him singing . . .


Matt & Nicki said...

You can tell you are writing from your heart! My mom called me to let me know she had seen your blog and facebook update. I will be praying for your family, dad, grandma, etc. at this time! Your grandpop always remembered me when I came home and I was saved under his preaching! He was a blessing to all who knew him!

Nana said...

We loved your Grandpop. We were blessed to know him through the Beers Family.

You are right and you have blessed us with your memoirs of your Grandpop. He was truly a man who loved God with all his heart.

I rejoice with you that he is no longer in pain but worshiping at the Savior's feet.

Jim and Marie Phillips

Rick & Kathy said...

Kathy and I have special memories, especially of our early years of marriage, sitting under the ministry of ER Jordan, and count it a privilege to have had that experience. What an impact he has had in so many lives!

Praying for, and rejoicing with you all, at the homegoing of your dear grandpop,

Rick and Kathy Vasso

Toni Mehling said...

Sarah, your blog about your Grandpop blessed me. Not idles words--truly blessed me; especially the part about how God used him in such a great way despite his imperfections. Lately I have been very aware of my imperfections and feeling like God could not use me. Your post reminded me that God uses us despite our imperfections. Thank you.