Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So Joshua started out last week by taking a tumble down 6 or so steps with no major injuries, just a little red eyebrow. Then Monday he had a low fever, no big deal, right? Or are they related? And did he have that bump by the front of his soft spot before?? We talked to his pediatrician and he seemed okay, just a little tired. Then Wednesday afternoon he woke up from his morning nap with 103 degree temp., which continued until Friday morning, at which time I took him in to his pediatrician. He had no symptoms except for the fever and the tiredness and fussiness that goes along with that. The dr. said he had a sore throat and diagnosed him with a "viral sore throat". Okay, sounds good. By Saturday mid-morning, he was off of his Tylenol and his fever was gone. Great! Then I got him up from his nap and noticed some pinkish spots on the side of his face, so I checked his belly, and sure enough they were all over his "trunk". So after talking to his pediatrician again, it turns out, after all that, he had Roseola - basically a high fever for a few days followed by a benign rash for a few days. So, you don't know what it is until it's basically over. The good news is that it's basically only found in children under 2, so we had no other "candidates" in our home! You can't see the spots real well in the picture, but I tried!


Alicia said...

Poor little guy! I've heard of that before but would never have recognized it. Glad it's almost gone!

Matt & Nicki said...

Both of my kids have had that--but their temps were not that high--YIKES!!

Troy & Sherry said...

nope - not that becca smith - i know it is confusing - i haven't heard from nbbc becca smith in a while - i know she is married - i don't know her married name -
i hope you are well and that your family is feeling better