Monday, April 30, 2007

The Birthday Princess

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Madie LOVES Cinderella and was very excited about her gifts!

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Alicia said...

AWESOME cake! Did you do that all by yourself? How long did it take to decorate?

I loooooooove little girl princessy things. Have fun playing dress up Madie!

Matt & Nicki said...

This brings back so many memories of Sara's third birthday party--which by the way, seems like forever ago!! We did a princess party for her when she turned three and it was CINDERELLA overload! I want to know how it is your child doesn't toss one present aside and grab for the next one--you have that one trained!!:)

Liesl said...

Eden is only a few days older than Madie. Congrats on same age and same shirt from wal-mart!
i just picked up 2 sport shirts for elijah at a dollar a piece from that place, too. wowo.
anyways, she is a sweetheart. you know, looking at blogs really makes me want to go see people and let the kids play... and well, won't heaven be grand?

Troy & Sherry said...

glad to see you figured out that i wasn't slacking that much :) i have one blog that does that to everytime i have to click onthe most recent month to see the new updates......i think also if you put in
and save it again new that would work.ok gotta run - glad we have caught up a bit! :)

Bequita17 said...

what a fabulous cake! did you make that in Pampered Chef's batter bowl? i've heard you can do that, but haven't actually seen it. my little students (4 yr olds) are all totally into princesses & barbies too - well, the girls anyway. the boys are all about spiderman (who apparently is much stronger than superman)!

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

Becky -
Yes, it was the pampered chef batter bowl - it was easy to do, but the cake was a little "heavy". I used two mixes, according to the recipe, but since you cook one entire mix in the bowl at one time, it wasn't as light and airy as a normal cake. It was a bit time consuming, too, since each cake (you make two) takes over an hour to bake and then has to cool for a couple of hours. But, Madie loved it, so it was all worth it! And I used a real Barbie b/c if I used those 1/2 dolls for cake decorating, I thought she would be very disappointed to find out the "girlie" had no legs :o)

And yes, I think Joey would agree, Spiderman is MUCH cooler than Superman these days ;O)

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