Saturday, March 17, 2007

Joey's 7th Birthday (. . . oh yeah . . . and my 30th . . .)

Joey turned 7 years old on March 8. Yes, he was born on my 23rd birthday. Ah, I was so young!! He had a good birthday. For those of you who can't tell what it is, that was my best attempt at a blue Lego cake. He liked it, so that's all that matters :o)

And Joshua had his first taste of blue icing - he was sucking it off his lips and fingers for a while :o)

And, since your 30th birthday only happens once - at least if you're honest - my mom surprised me and flew out for a quick visit. We had a nice time, and I enjoyed that she got to spend some time with the kids. This picture is of when we took my mom downtown Indianapolis to walk around and have some dinner - and, yes, she actually let us get a picture of her!


Matt & Nicki said...

That is a great picture of your mom and the kids--how fun!! Good work on the cake--what did you use for the "bumps" of the lego?

Joe & Sarah McDaniel said...

I used oreos - although I ended up having to use toothpicks to keep them from sliding off the cake - I think adding the food coloring to the icing made it a little more runny.

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday you old lady, you! What great fun to have your mom around for a quick visit. Did you do anything special to celebrate your big bday? Great lego cake, too. Very creative.

FranknSteph said...

I am very impressed with the Mom picture!