Friday, January 21, 2011

One Year!

One year ago today, we passed court in Ethiopia and Isaiah officially and legally became our son. Of course, God knew that Isaiah would be our son before he was born. And we knew he was our son from the moment we first laid eyes on his beautiful face. But this day made it legal! What amazing things have happened in our lives since this time last year.

God took a "stranger" and made him our son, and in unexplainable ways, He has knit our hearts together as a family. And through it all, He has given us a deeper knowledge of and love for our indescribable Heavenly Father! Words are not enough . . . words are never enough . . .

Our video announcement from
January 21, 2010

Isaiah Tamrat McDaniel, today,
January 21, 2011


Kristi and Dale said...

What a difference from the sullen little boy we saw a year ago! That smile can light up a room! This year went by soooo fast!!

Andrew and Esther said...

Has it been a year?! Thank you for allowing us to remember with you. Still rejoicing with you at God's goodness.